Rajasthan Sampark Portal: Everything about how digitization and Rajasthan are going hand in hand

Rajasthan Sampark Portal is an attempt by the State Government to introduce a centralized platform for all kinds of queries and grievances of the citizens. Through this portal any person can make sampark or contact with respective government departments by lodging complaints and filing query applications.

Each and every public entry that gets registered in Sampark Portal is recorded by a state level call centre. This call centre then with its incorporated web portal has the responsibility to monitor all the registered queries and complaints lodged by the general public.

Basic idea behind installation of Rajasthan Sampark Portal is to make it possible for public’s issues to get addressed and redressed at one single place without much confusion and long administrative processes.

The complaints can be related till any state level concern because they will entirely be citizen centric. Be it problems with government services, any particular officers, etc. everything will be registered and resolved with due respect and time.

 If you’ve not noticed, this is a portal and this fact makes it an important element of Rajasthan’s digitization process. All complaints can be lodged online with the help of this portal and we understand how online system is so much better than standing in lines just to get a name spelled correctly.

Pubic should also know that this not just a grievance portal, but it is well capable of proving all types of information related to countless issues. On Rajasthan Sampark Portal, people can get all information related to the state Rajasthan is. Its profile, history, tourism, geographic dimensions, rural grasp, art, culture, demographic details, etc everything can be looked for in this Sampark Portal. It will surely acquaint you with the latest facts and figures about the state of Rajasthan. All particular details about the chief minister, other cabinet ministers, chief secretaries and important government officials and their offices can be searched for in this online state portal. Even particular data related to Rajasthan’s Human Rights Commission like human right laws, protection and regulations is available on this state level portal.

Rajasthan Sampark Grevance
Complain form : http://sampark.rajasthan.gov.in/Grievance_Entry/Grievance_Entry_Citizen.aspx

Pubic users can also acquire information related to the concept of E-Governance and how it is self-sufficient to rectify their general issues by using latest technology. Citizen services like online ticket booking, and downloading and submission of forms are also a part of the provisions Rajasthan Sampark Portal offers. Along with this, doubts related to government policies and acts can be easily resolved with its help.

Applications for new water connections, financial assistance from Rajasthan’s Chief Minister’s Relief Fund and for getting authenticated birth and death certificates are to be submitted here only by filling the forms this portal provides online.

Now after we’ve made you well aware of Rajasthan Sampark Portal, you should also be acknowledged with the fact that state’s Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje is also doing her part to help her fellow Rajasthanis so that everyone can lead a problem free life. Progressive steps are being taken through her social media channels to register and respond directly to people’s problems. There have been many successful redressals and we are happy to share one with you.

He is Bhanunjai Dhuvad, who requested CM Vasundhara Raje a few days back to help his case in Administrative Forms. His contended comment here shows how things worked out for him with the help of CM Raje’s Facebook Page and Rajasthan Sampark Portal.

Rajasthan Sampark Portal