Rajasthan’s Government efforts make Nagaur district free of salty water

Recently, CM Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje was addressing the inauguration function of scheme for potable water budgeted Rs. 148 crores. The scheme is launched under Rs. 2938 crores Rajasthan Rural Drinking Water and Fluoride Disposal Project (Nagaur Lift Drinking Water Project Phase II) and water will be available to Ladnu (Nagaur District) and its 16 villages. Know the major highlights of Rajasthan Rural Drinking Water and Fluoride Disposal Project.

Mrs. Raje inaugurated the water distribution process and called it a big challenge to remove the centuries’ old salt water in Nagaur district. Her team worked hard to bring water from 300 kms. In fact, many public representatives make effort to make Nagaur free of salty water but couldn’t succeed, Chief Minister Raje made this possible.

The sweet water would be available to 2 lac 85 thousand people of Ladnu. With the help of this project, people can start fluoride free life. This water is distributed to 97 other villages of Ladnu tehsil in a few days. In this phase, 771 km pipeline, 3 pump houses, 31 high reservoirs and 3 clean ground water reservoirs have been constructed.

Under this phase, the sweet water will be available to Kuchaman City, Parbatsar, Nawa by the end of this year. The government would provide water to whole Nagaur District by 2020. With this project, 77 lacs water would be distributed to Ladnu every day.

image credit: vasundhararaje.in

The event was attended by Ladnu MLA Mr. Manohar Singh, Public Works Minister Mr. Yunus Khan, Minister of State for Health Shri Bansheedhar Bajia and other people’s representatives. Senior officers and people from nearby areas were present in large numbers.