Raje Government Pitches Organic Farming in Rajasthan to Double Farmer Income

What was once a barren land is covered with the lush green cover today! We’re talking about Rajasthan: the desert state of India, a state that was struggling with droughts, water scarcity and extreme climate for several centuries. Over the years, the hard-working farmers of Rajasthan scripted new success stories in agriculture. Even Rajasthan government lent them a helping hand by introducing rainwater harvesting, modern agriculture, and water savvy irrigation techniques. Now, the government is committed to developing a ‘green, organic Rajasthan’. Organic farming seems to be the new way of life in Rajasthan.

The entire world is familiar with the perks of organic farming. Knowing that Rajasthan government will tackle malnutrition and chemical-based invasive farming with traditional organic practices. PM Narendra Modi always stressed on promoting organic farming in India. They made it their top priority in the union budget. Guided by his motivation, Rajasthan government paved way for organic farming in Rajasthan.

  • The Government Allocated Separate Blocks for Organic Farming in 11 Districts of Rajasthan.

In an attempt to prevent chemical applications on soil, the government converted chunks of land to organic farms. Pesticide, Insecticide-free farming was practiced in Udaipur, Jhalawar, Pratapgarh, Banswara and Dungarpur. Today, 60,000 hectares of land are covered with organic farms.

  • Practitioners were felicitated with Cash Prizes.
Happy Farmers of Rajasthan
Happy Farmers of Rajasthan

In a bid to encourage more buyers for organic farming, the Rajasthan agriculture department rewarded four farmers with a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh each. Om Prakash Sharma (Piprali, Sikar), Kailashchand Jat (Kotputli), Ramdev Jat (Kishangarh, Ajmer) and Ramjilal Sharma (Baswa, Dausa) were felicitated by the department.

  • Gati Gram becomes the Model Organic Village.

Jaisamand’s Gat village became a pioneer in mass organic farming movement in Rajasthan. Inhabited by 290 farm families, the village received the certification of AOCA (APOF organic certification agency). Today, the farmers of Gati village sell 100% organic crops and vegetables/ fruits all over the state.

  • The Government Emphasized on Organic Pulses Farming.
Rajasthan government to allot fields for organic farming in state.
Rajasthan government to allot fields for practicing organic farming in the state.

Seeing that Rajasthan is one of the leading producers of pulses, the government decided to allow 50 hectares of land for organic pulses farming. Farmers get subsidy up to Rs 20,000 per hectare. The authorities have made it mandatory for agricultural markets to sell at least one organically produced produce in 5 years.

  • Global Rajasthan Agritech Meet Highlights the Benefits of Organic Farming.

GRAM—a globally agritech meet conducted by Rajasthan government for farmers displayed several varieties of fruits, vegetables, roses and crops that were produced organically. Experts discussed the benefits of organic crops at Jajams and encouraged the farmers to avoid chemicals on the field.

The collective efforts of Raje government and Rajasthan farmers will surely yield positive results for the state in future.