Reasons to Love the Monsoons!

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                                   Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams”. 

 Ashley Smith

Love and monsoon, share a congeniality, and the combo had been defined several times over. With it being that time of the year, when respite from the scorching sun is all you want, but its not the winter that you long for. A season designed to soothe your soul, we explore the 10 reasons why monsoons are loved so much!


If you are eyeing for a romantic ride with your beloved, this is the season. All you boys, if you were anxious on taking your girl on a ride down a serene highway, don’t miss the chance. This is the season that will make the love blossom better than spring. If its not about the romance for you and you’re passionate about biking, it doesn’t get better than India! With multiple biking trails across the country, ranging from beautiful to downright dangerous, this is the season you can test the water and set some new goals.


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Well, who doesn’t love an escapade to the hills. Monsoons are definitely the best season to drive to a cozy hill station. As the season will not wait for you long, you can pick from a large array of homesteads in the hills to satiate the travel bug in you . The lush greenery and the blossoming flowers will create a colossal effect on your head and leave you refreshed!

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Where the summer proves too hot for road trips, and the winter too cold, Monsoon becomes the season to savor them long trips to new, undiscovered destinations. The monsoon acts like a trip down the memory lane and remind you of when you were young and vibrant. As they say, age is just a number, and with a fun trip with the family or your significant other, you can make new memories that will last a lifetime.


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In India, with each experience you find a different palate to satiate your hunger, which often is the driving force for many when they set-out to explore new territories. The Monsoon favorite in India, without a doubt, is bhutta! You’ll get them almost everywhere during the rains. Be it the street-side, a busy highway, or you could be waiting for a train to pass at a crossing – the bhutta in monsoon will follow you everywhere!




Since we are already discussing the Indian love for food, and for the rains, its only fair we list down our favorite home made dishes of this season. Be it pakoras, gul-gule (Sweet Pua), tea, chole and kulce -well the list is endless  and during the monsoons they lend to the weather and the endless memories the rains help us create! To give you a taste of out favored monsoon indulgences, check out the recipe to the coveted Indian ‘Gul-gule’!



Romance seems to be a favored emotion during the rains. With dull corners blossoming into lush green gardens, the irresistible urge to walk down undiscovered is heightened, with an unspoken promise of being an unforgettable experience! And while the chances of you encountering a puddle or two are high, the chances of you unleashing your inner child are going to be just as high. We suggest you jump!




Our personal favorite, playing soccer in the rain! If you haven’t given yourselves a chance to experience a game of football in the rain, we suggest you move it to the top of your monsoon bucketlist! Ferocious and brutal are two words people often associate with a match on the grass in the rains. Where you may end up on your bottom two times two many, it will your most unforgettable memory, one we definitely cherish!



So while the weather is fun, the birds are chirping and the greenery is lush, we suggest you get out there and create a few monsoon moments, and don’t forget the camera!










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