Red Chief brings you “Veer’ – stories that inspire the youth of today

In the hustle bustle of our day to day urban lives, we rarely ever pause to think of millions who are completely overshadowed by the dazzling city lights. While we strive our own journey in our lavish homes, there are many living in slums, struggling with their lives.

The red chief has picked on this insight and is looking to acknowledge and celebrate people who try to make a difference. Their latest campaign “Veer” is themed around stories of “Veer” or the selfless heroism of our youth. The compassion, empathy and sheer determination showcased through the examples of “Veer” prove that the impact youth has on the society are the most powerful. In this add Red Chief has created strong marketing campaign targeting the youth building a connection that goes just beyond the product pitch.

Watch the inspiring video here:

Red Chief presents Veer | The Untold Stories of Selfless Heroes

Red Chief's latest campaign #JoLadaVoVeerHai is aimed at inspiring the youth of today through stories of selfless individuals. Meet Inder Bajwa, a successful model who selflessly gave up his soaring career to give wings to the youth in his village in Punjab.

Posted by Mad over Marketing (M.O.M) on Thursday, 13 July 2017