Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer 2017

Mukesh Ambani Introduced Happy New Year Jio Offer and Jio Money Merchant Application Thanking Users For Trying, Using and Loving Jio

With the coming new year, Mr. Ambani has brought the fresh speech on Jio. In his speech, he revealed the success story of Jio and the future plans of the company. He introduced Jio Happy New Year Offer under which the new users will get access to unlimited Jio access, video, wifi, and  jio apps. As per his statements, not only the new users, the existing  users will also be introduced to the new year offer of Jio from December 31st, 2016.

Jio SIM supports mobile number portability and as per Ambani’s statement, Jio serves to 10 million customers right now. He promised a peerless service with the help of 60,000 Jio employees and 5 Lakh reatil partners.

As per the extracted data, 80% of the Jio users use less than 1 GB data in a day. With Jio happy new year scheme, they intend to introduce fine tuned policy so that all 100% users get fair share of high speed internet. In speech Ambani assured that, the users will get 30 times more data to use.

He concluded his speech congratulating and thanking PM Modi for the bold move of demonetisation. he said that the decision will change the mindsets. As per Ambani, Reliance is dedicated to work towards digitally capable economy. And repeatedly congratulated PM Modi for running historic mission of Digital India.

With this move, he PM Modi has brought unproductive money into productive usage.

Ambani also pointed out other lucrative of Demonetisation saying that, the move will make available high value, low volume credit to farmers and other small vendors.

Further, in his speech he introduced Jio Money Merchant Application. With jio money merchants will have access to digital money wallet and access to their bank accounts as well. From December 5th, 2016, every merchant can download jio money app and can also supply money to their bank accounts through this.

Ambani thanked the users for trying, using and loving Jio.





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