Reliance’s import order of set top boxes suggests its new target: TV Network

The multi-branded Reliance network through Jio, is almost ready with its 4G service. Surprisingly, the company has reportedly started with the import processes of certain set top boxes. The particular Internet Protocol set top boxes are being ordered from Vietnam and according to the reports, import order states the number of set top boxes to be 17,000.

So does that mean that, along with $G launch, Reliance is planning even bigger service like TV network providers. Looking at the good amount of set top box ordering, it seems quite legit for the speculators to come to this conclusion that we soon will have a Reliance TV Network.

In a way we can expect much more than just a 4G service as the import hints on much more than just this. It seems that Reliance wants to be fully prepared for the much anticipated 4G launch and this order will directly affect the hype that has been hovering around the market. All these devices have been imported much before the right time of the official launch so we as customers can expect big.  Seeing the company’s extra and one step ahead planning, it is quite viable to opt for a path for Reliance as intensive competition already exists in the world of TV networks.

Jio, which is the subsidiary of Reliance Network, has already achieved success in acquiring a pan-India multi-system operator (MSO) license from the Information & Broadcasting Ministry.

Now only a final and official statement from Reliance can make it clear for both the customers and the competitors.