Salman’s Hit-and-Run Case: HC Slams Prosecution Over The Evidences, Final Verdict Tomorrow


Bollywood Actor Salman Khan partially eased with recent proceedings on Hit-and-Run case occurred on 28th September 2002. In the recent hearings held on Tuesday 8th December Mumbai high Court has questioned on the manner in which blood samples of Salman Khan was were collected and analyzed, court after its observation says “requisite and necessary care was not taken while taking the blood sample”.

Khan was escorted to JJ Hospital for blood test on the afternoon of September 28, 2002, which is nearly 8 hours from time when accident took place, resulting in death of one and leaving four individuals injured. In this case Salman’s Toyota Land Cruiser ran over five men sleeping outside a bakery on Hill road at Bandra.

The High said “Other aspects which also led to reasonable doubt are the authenticity of blood sample,” questioning over blood samples tested by forensic experts during chemical analysis was the one that left JJ Hospital.

The court also added that there was inconsistency in the quantity of blood. Justice A R Joshi commenting over the quantity of blood sample said “while 6ml blood was extracted, 4ml of blood reached the chemical analyst. In view of the above, evidence of the chemical analyst is of no importance.”

salman hit and run case

“It is unfortunate that office of chemical analyst remained close for accepting urgent sample in case of emergency,” “Till then, police said, the sample was kept in a fridge in the police station while there was no evidence to show that such a refrigerator was there in the police officer’s chamber,” added Justice Joshi. The court during the dictation of final orders on Salman’s appeal against conviction and five-year jail, sentenced by session court, whereas proceedings were continued to Wednesday 8th December.

As the proceedings continued today HC said that Ravindra Patil who is main witness of this case is “completely unreliable” and further decided to come up with final verdict on Thursday 10th December

In the proceedings carried out on Tuesday 8th December, prosecutions contend that Salman was drinking in the Rain Bar for hours before the accident, on which HC said, “There is no direct evidence of either the waiter or manager.”

The HC has also slammed prosecution over the bill presented to signify that Salman and his friends consumed alcohol in Rain Bar, as Bar manager had confirmed that none of the accused were occupying table in Bar, while bill presented has table number. The defense speaking on the bills said that “these bills have 27th September date mentioned on it, if Salman and his friends left bar on 1 am then how come dates could be 27th September.”

Arguing on trial court’s sentence defense said that “The trial court has not done analysis whether this evidence can be accepted and can be taken to show drunkenness of the appellant.”



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