Santro: The rebirth is here, and its a perfect fit for the semi urban and rural markets

The entry-level Hyundai Santro is back with a whole new swish. The South Korean carmaker has taken on the challenge of battling with Maruti Suzuki India Ltd in rural markets and small towns.

What is even reassuring is that 20% of the sales of Hyundai are driven from small towns, rural and semi-urban areas. On the other hand, Maruti Suzuki garners about 30%-35% of its sales volume from these regions.

There will a rebirth of the Santro and it is a good news for the middle class and the population below that bracket. The relaunch is happening amidst a lot of disturbing factors like increased fuel prices, a hike in loan rates, etc.

Y.K. Koo, managing director, Hyundai Motor India Ltd, said: “For Santro, the priority market is rural and the first-time buyers, and whatever the number of customers we get from the metro cities will be additional. This is the right product to attract the rural as well as the semi-urban markets as the Santro has the lowest cost of maintenance among its competitors.”

“This product will be very strong in the rural markets where demand has recovered and the buying power in the semi-urban and rural markets are growing. So, this is the right product to attract the rural as well as the semi-urban markets,” Koo added.

“This vehicle has the potential to be the preferred choice of the first-time customer in the rural and semi-urban markets. We lacked an affordable compact car in the last few years and now that has been addressed,” the official said.

What do you think about the new and stunning Santro which has got a rebirth? With the decreasing liquidity in the market, this new car can potentially unfold a lot of happiness amongst the semi-urban and rural areas.

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