Sara Ali Khan scolded Amrita Singh for spending Rs 1600 on a towel; Vicky Kaushal responds, ‘Mummy ko jhaad rahi thi’

Sara Ali Khan, Vicky Kaushal, The Kapil Sharma Show
Sara Ali Khan & Vicky Kaushal recently visited The Kapil Sharma Show

Sara Ali Khan and Vicky Kaushal visited on The Kapil Sharma Show to promote their forthcoming film, Zara Hatke Zara Bachke, and some family secrets were revealed as jokes began to drop. Vicky stated Sara Ali Khan is stingy, something the young actor has frequently confirmed.

He claimed to have witnessed Sara arguing with her mother, Amrita Singh, when she discovered the latter had purchased a towel for Rs 1600. Sara accepted Vicky’s fee and claimed that the towel was unreasonably pricey given her vanity van already had 2-3 towels. Sara is the daughter of actress Amrita Singh and actor Saif Ali Khan.

“Ye Amrita maam ko daant rahi thi,” Vicky recalled. Maine poocha kya hai? Boli mommy ka toliya le aayi hai; 1600 rupaiye ka toliya le aayi hai.

Mummy ko jhaad rahi hai (She chastised Amrita maam. I inquired as to what had occurred, and she stated that her mother did not use her intellect, as she had purchased a towel for Rs 1600. She was tearing at her mother).”

Sara defended herself by saying, “Arre 1600 rupaiye ka toliya kaun kharidta hai.” Vanity van mein muft ke 2-3 toliye taang ke rakhte hai ye log, unhi me se koi usage kar lo. Use the towels that are normally in the vanity vehicle).” Kapil joked that Sara should eat supper on set before departing.

The presenter also inquired about Vicky’s domestic problems in all of his flicks. “Picchli film mei kha raha tha, isme bhi kha raha hu… ghar mei to nahi ho raha aisa (I was beaten up by my wife in both the previous and this film. At least, this does not happen in my house).” Vicky is married to Katrina Kaif, an actress.

Hatke, Zara Zara Bachke will be released in theatres on June 2. The two stars have been touring India to promote the flick. As part of the promotion, they also attended the IPL final.