If you are an SBI bank account holder, here’s what you should know about State Bank Of India (SBI) Internet Banking

India’s largest public sector bank, State Bank of India (SBI) which is also the country’s largest lender. The bank’s internet banking portal offers the most convenient way of transacting bank online. The bank claims it to be country’s biggest lender.

If you are an SBI bank account holder, you should know about its internet banking facility. Here are a few facts about the same:

1. The online portal of SBI bank is named as OnlineSBI and its website is – https://www.onlinesbi.com/.

2. Anybody can access this site but for logging in, you will need a ‘Username’ and ‘Password’. These can be generated using the pin sent to the bank account opening kit. The kit contains a pre-printed kit (PPK), which will help in the first-time login.

2. Once you have logged in, a simple initialization process will follow. The website will provide you with step by step process of logging into the website and creating a new password for all future use.

3) The process of registering at OnlineSBI starts with downloading the registration form and submitting it to the respective SBI branch. The details mentioned in the form you can download the registration forms on OnlineSBI site, fill and submit them at your branch. Your registration formalities are complete after your details are verified and authenticated by your State Bank of India branch.

4) Once you have set your password and username, note it down for your future reference. You can also change your password again. In fact, it is recommended that you change passwords every month.

5) The SBI banking facility is a useful platform in the banking realms of the country. It is widely used by users across the country.

With a seamless platform with easy navigation and transaction facilities, this is a notable platform.



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