Shamshera First Look: Ranbir Kapoor to play a Dacoit in this Upcoming Flick


The first look of Shamshera featuring Ranbir Kapoor was just dropped by YRF Films and it seems like the flick is going to break many records when it comes out in 2019. The teaser was shared on the official Twitter page of YRF, have a look:

Although the teaser doesn’t give away much, it surely has intriguing visuals that reveal Ranbir as a scary dacoit. The film seems to be set in the old times as the weapons and accessories sported by the actor give the feels of a period drama.

In the teaser, Ranbir is seen as the lead character Shamshera who has a scar on his face, a bandana on his head, and an anklet on his feet. He can also be seen carrying an axe and a quiver full of arrows that further confirms that the film is set in ancient times.

Unlike the regular Bollywood films, this one doesn’t show the dacoit riding a horse with a big rifle strapped on to his shoulder. Another highlight is the tagline of the film that says: ‘Karam Se Dacait, Dharam Se Azaad’ that translates to Dacoit by Destiny, Free by Religion!

Apart from this project, Ranbir’s other upcoming films include Sanju that is going to hit the theatres on June 29 and the actor is also shooting for Bramhastra which also stars Alia Bhatt and Amitabh Bachchan.



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