Shinde faction claims on Shiv Sena’s assembly office: Uddhav said – Symbol snatched but no one can snatch Thackeray’s name

After getting the Shiv Sena name and bow and arrow symbol, the Shinde faction has now staked claim on the office of the Shiv Sena in the Maharashtra Assembly. The MLAs of the Shinde faction took over the office. On this, Uddhav Thackeray said – The name and election symbol of our party has been taken away, but no one can take away the name of Thackeray. The Election Commission should be dissolved.

Uddhav said- We have moved the Supreme Court against the decision of the Election Commission. If what is going on in Maharashtra is not stopped, then the 2024 Lok Sabha elections could be the last elections of the country. After this, dictatorship will run here. Here, the Supreme Court on Monday refused to give an urgent hearing on the petition of the Uddhav faction against giving Shiv Sena’s name-mark to the Shinde faction. The court has asked to file the petition again tomorrow.

Uddhav Thackeray called a meeting of his MLAs at Shiv Sena Bhavan in Mumbai. Where his supporters raised slogans against the Shinde faction and the Election Commission.

MLA of Shinde faction said – no claim on Sena Bhavan

Before the meeting of the Uddhav faction at the Shiv Sena building in Mumbai, Shinde faction leader Sada Sarvankar said that we are not paying attention to any property. Not only Sena Bhavan, but for us every branch of the party is a temple.

Thackeray faction cited party constitution in Supreme Court

The petition by the Uddhav faction said that the Election Commission made the 1999 constitution of the party the basis of the settlement of the dispute. Whereas in 2018 the constitution of the party was amended. Under the 2018 constitution, the Shiv Sena president will be supreme in the party. The final decision to remove someone from the party, hold a meeting or include anyone in the party will be of the party president.

According to the 1999 party constitution, the party chief had no such power. The Uddhav faction said that the Election Commission did not give time to put the 2018 constitution on record. Also said that most of the cadre and workers of the party are with Uddhav Thackeray. The Election Commission has ignored the new constitution while taking the decision. At the same time, the group has demanded a stay on the order of the Election Commission from the Supreme Court till the hearing of the case is completed.