Siachen witnesses a new definition to bravery!

Lance Naik Hanumanthappa

Siachen Glacier located at the northern tip of Kashmir is the world’s highest and coldest battlefield. Here more soldiers have died because of the worse weather and difficult terrain than in battle. Isn’t that so bizarre? But nothing has ever been able to shatter down the courage of our very brave Indian army personnel.  Indian army has always been alert on the border protecting the entire nation. The Siachen battlefield has now witnessed a wonder when an Indian army soldier Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad was found alive under 25 feet of ice. Yes you read it right. In case you do not about the incident, here’s everything you must know.


On the very chilly 3rd February 2016, an army post on the Sonam post at an altitude of 19,600 feet in the Siachen glacier was covered by an 800X400ft ice wall which suddenly broke off and collapsed over the army soldiers. After this, around 150 skilled and adaptive troops were posted at the site of the avalanche. They were given the responsibility of rescuing the soldiers who were buried beneath. But their biggest challenge was not only working in a temperature of around -40 degrees but was breaking the snow which had turned into ice rocks as hard as concrete.After six long cold days, finally Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad was found alive under the 25 feet of ice, out of his senses in his fiber-reinforced hut. Along with him were the 9 other soldiers who were buried, but unfortunately all dead. The brave army officer is now in coma and has been admitted to the Army Hospital in Delhi and the nation prays for him.

Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad

After hearing the successful rescue of Hanumanthappa, General said, “We had a radio contact on February 4, one of the trapped soldiers reached out and we knew at least one of them was inside an air bubble. The company commander did not leave the site for the last five days. Yet another deliberately survived on bits of chocolate because a full meal would slow him down.”

PM Modi lately went to the Army Hospital to visit the courageous soldier took it to twitter and said,

No words are enough to describe the endurance & indomitable spirit of Lance Naik Hanumanthappa. He is an outstanding soldier.

Also the Army Commander Northern Command Lt. Gen. D.S. Hooda said,

Lance Naik Hanumanthappa has been found alive. He is critical but all attempts are being made to evacuate him to RR hospital in the morning. We hope the miracle continues. Pray with us.


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