Sidhu Moosewala father followed his car, took him to hospital: Cops

Sidhu Moosewla death, Sidhu Moosewala shot dead
Sidhu Moosewla file image
Sidhu Moosewla death, Sidhu Moosewala shot dead
Sidhu Moosewla file image

Sidhu When Moose Wala’s killers rained bullets on the 28-year-old singer and his two friends, his father was following him in a car with two armed personnel.
Moose Wala, who died soon after, had been receiving ransom calls from gangsters for some time, according to his father Balkaur Singh’s police complaint. An FIR has been filed by Punjab police on charges of murder and violation of the Arms Act.

Several gangsters threatened the 28-year-old singer’s father over the phone, according to the singer’s father’s complaint.

The Lawrence Bishnoi gang, which has claimed responsibility for the attack, was among them.

The singer would travel in a bulletproof SUV due to the threats.

Moose Wala’s security cover used to be four armed security guards, but that was reduced to two armed guards in the Punjab government’s most recent security review exercise.

The downsizing has sparked a political firestorm, with opposition parties accusing the Bhagwant Mann administration of putting VIPs’ lives in jeopardy.

“My son left in a Thar car with his friends Gurwinder Singh and Gurpreet Singh on Sunday. He left the bulletproof Fortuner and the two guards behind. I followed him in another car, escorted by two armed officers “In his complaint, Mr Singh stated.

According to the complaint, an SUV and a sedan were waiting on the road, each with four armed men inside. Bullets were sprayed at the car by the men.

According to the report, the men sprayed bullets at Moose Wala’s car.

“The cars sped away in a matter of minutes. People gathered when I began shouting. My son and his friends were rushed to the hospital, where he died “According to the complaint.

According to Punjab police, the attack appeared to be the result of a gang war.

“This murder is linked to the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. Fortunately, a gang member from Canada has taken responsibility “VK Bhawra, the Punjab police chief, told the media yesterday.

He claimed that the manager of Moose Wala, Shaganpreet, was involved in the murder of Vicky Middukhera last year. According to him, this murder appeared to be a retaliation for the murder of Middukhera.

A special investigation team has been formed by Punjab Police to look into the incident.



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