Significance of Putin’s visit to India in detail

Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi
Putin's visit to India is of great significance
Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi
Putin’s visit to India is of great significance

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s short but important visit to India is a global favourite. After little travel outside of Russia during the outbreak, Putin travelled to Delhi during the outbreak while still in his home country. He only travelled to Geneva for a meeting with US President Joe Biden. This is my second trip to Russia this year.

However, India has enjoyed friendly relations with Russia for 70 years. While relationships have stalled in some areas and promised in others, the most important foundation of a collaborative partnership is a protective basket.

New Delhi confirms its new purchases from other countries, but most of its defence equipment is Russian. It is estimated that 60-70% of India’s supplies are from Russia, and New Delhi needs a steady and reliable supply from Russia of spare parts for the Russian defence industry.

President Modi only held informal meetings with two countries, Xi and Putin. During the border crisis, Raznat Singh, Director General of Defense, discussed the issue of the supply and purchase of defence equipment for new systems, such as the S-400 missile defence system, with Russian military and government leaders. Therefore, the current support, which stems from the understanding that Russia has an impact on Beijing due to its recent close ties and that New Delhi has a strong history of relations between the two countries with Moscow, is significant.

The two sides discussed concerns about terrorism as the security situation in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan remains difficult. President Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin will focus on terrorism on Monday, the threats to both countries and regions.

A senior federal official told the Indian Express on Sunday that the two sides were working “very well” on issues of the threat of terrorism, the finances of terrorism, and arms and the tobacco trade, which would be affected by the joint – adventure after Putin meet Modi.

A federal body said Delhi and Moscow are working together on at least three joint committees: Russia-India-China (RIC), BRICS and SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), and discussions will continue in bilateral talks. . In addition to. Indeed, to strengthen the new type of bilateral process, a meeting at the foreign level of the two parties will also be held on Monday, ahead of the Putin-Modi meeting in the evening. To date, India has two types of operations with only four countries (Quad countries): the USA, Japan and Australia.

The leaders said at a recent Russia-India-China summit that India had had difficult discussions on issues such as the referral to the Federal Reserve (FATF).
The two sides also support defence cooperation. Before the meeting, India had agreed to a long-term deal on the AK 203 Kalashnikov rifle worth almost Rs 5,000 crore produce over Rs 5 million rifles at Korwa to Amethi via Indo- Russia. Regarding defence cooperation, the foundation said the two sides will focus on the integration of manufacturing and the integration of military equipment and platforms.



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