Sleep Day Special: What Hazards Internet Usage Can Cause In The Night?

Today is World Sleep Day and we have an important message for you. The internet bustles, you do before sleep delays your sleep time by 90 minutes. The experts at National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, say that the sleep time is gets deprived mainly because of internet activities.

The Service for Healthy Use of Technology ran a study at NIMHN, Bangalore said that while we use internet before going to bed, we waste almost 1.5 hours sleep time due to this activity. In the month of January,  the Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine took out the conclusion that, the average sleep quality is lowering because of continuous usage of phones. Usually, people check their phones at least 4 times before falling sleep.

On top it, sleep disorders can cause severe issues like heart problems, anxiety and many others.

In the year 2015, a study conducted by a privately owned hospital said that more than 90% young heart attacks are caused because those people do not take a good sleep.

Dr. Manoj Kumar, who is additional professor at SHUT clinic and a leading researcher blames it all on Whats app, saying that, “This was followed by Facebook usage (32.6%). Messenger applications other than WhatsApp and Hike were used rarely (65.7%). Gmail was shown to be frequently used by participants (45.3%)”.

Dr. Sharma also pointed that, more than 60% of the participants are a regular user of desktop computers, mobiles, laptops and tablets at their homes. In fact, many of them ditch their peak work hours to use internet.

This is high time, we realize that, we need to come out the colourful temporary comfort and dive into something more soothing and lasting. A carefree, good night sleep is the one thing, you can always count on to pamper yourself.

News Source: Economic Times