low budget home interior design in india

A big home, halls, balconies, bedrooms, living rooms and dining etc is all what you wish for. But certainly designing such a big house is not a cup of tea for everyone. This is the time when you seek for an interior designer. These are those people who not only decorate the interior of your house but also keep in mind that the space is well utilised. They give your home a smart and elegant look giving you enough space to roam around in the house and easily carry out your activities.

Interior designers work in all areas. Not only homes they are also specialised in decorating and designing your offices as well. You might be thinking how do they do this? How they know which place is best for which thing?  Let us have a look over them.

Basic work they do:

  • Initial work requirement: at the very beginning before starting the designing, they meet the clients and understand their requirements and their space they wish to decorate and design.
  • Planning is must: the next step after understanding the need and space is to design the final plan and discussing it with the client. Only after the final ok from the client the designer shall start working on the plan.
  • Final execution: after planning, they move forward towards the implementation of the final plan. These interior designers after the execution give you a smart looking and elegant looking place with enough space.


  • Suburban: Most of the designers go for residential designing as it is the most popular one among the clients. Larger no people demand interior designers for redecorating their homes.
  • Medical areas: This includes designers who decorate and establish environment for medical areas such as hospitals, mobile units, clinics, sanatorium care homes etc. They make sure that the space is well utilised for carrying out the activities and the patient feel comfortable and give a home like feeling to them.
  • Hotels and restaurants: This sector is booming very fast in the country and thus the demand of interiors designers for decorating hotels and banquet halls or restaurants is increasing rapidly promoting designers in this field.
  • Business and corporate designing: This is another common area where interior designers specialise themselves. They not only decorate the interior of the office in a well balanced manner but also neatly categorise each area providing better workplace.



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