Some Smart, Smartphone Apps to Help You Earn Extra Money Fortune

Everyone of us are succumbed to the smartphones we keep in our hands. Of course, they don’t come as cheap and easy as we take them. There are high chances that, you are paying a considerable amount of money in the form of your phone bill.  What if we tell you that, with using some simple smartphone earn money apps and services, you can put a dent in your monthly mobile bill?

As a result of our high searches, we have some up with the list of some lucrative apps to earn money that can help you make some free sum of money. yes, this is easy money but not illegitimate. You get this money amount in the form of gift cards and cash by doing some ultra-simple tasks on your phone like browsing, watching some video, clicking pictures etc.

Below is the list of some of the extra money-spilling smart apps:

1. Cashpirate


Now, you can earn smart money by playing some games and downloading other apps. You get your reward in the form of coins, which are redeemable by your Paypal or gift cards. They keep on adding the newer activities, so yourtask is to stay updated with it.

2. Grabpoints


Here, you have to watch videos or you can say Grabpoints TV to collect the lucrative points. There are some other ways like taking surveys, testing apps, some downloading and the conventional way of referring the app to friends. Further, you can get your points redeemed, on Target, iTunes, Gap, Amazon and on many other sites. As of now, the app is only available for Android and not for iOS.

3. Perk Pop Quiz


You just need to download the Perk Pop Quiz and choose among the different categories like the 90’s and 2000’s, very known slogans and movie quotes. You get your sack filled with points with  increasing number of correct answers. After then, you have ample of points, ready to be redeemed on Starbucks, Nike, Target, Amazon and many other stops like that.

4. Yumcheck


The app is available for both the commonly used platforms of Android and iOS as it has been made using both, the Android app development services and iOS as well.  You just need to upload the meal receipts and the money gets credited to your attached PayTm wallet. You get Rs. 5 for every receipt you add.

5. Tengi


This chat based app gives you direct money opportunities. You can also get tickets by doing the chats or informing your friends about the app. There is also an option of lucky draw every week. So, count your blessings and be lucky!

6. Slidejoy


This free of cost app will replace your home screen with its content. You can choose your theme for lock screen after the sign up. You can earn bucks by viewing ads here. Too simple to resist!

7. Wallets


Often, we use e-wallets for paying our bills. These wallets help you in earning indirect flow on money in the form of cashbacks. Though, the wallet money is used for repurchasing, this can be a lucrative option in the case of bill payments and recharges.

8. Foap


This platform is more than just a mindless earning tool. Here, you can sell photos, clicked by your phone camera. You just need to sign up and get your images uploaded for its official marketplace. You payments get through to you via Paypal.



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