Who All Can Replace Soy Milk With Dairy Milk? Know Here

Soy milk is a drink extracted from plant by soaking the dried soybeans. After that, they are grinded in water to make a milk like substance. This is often used in place of dairy milk and is a combination of water, oil and protein.

The milk is often used as an essential ingredient for vegans and people who like to consume vegetarian food whenever possible. Soy milk is undoubtedly healthy but many people restrain from it as the female hormone estrogen is likely to be present in it.


Below are some essentially of Soy milk which makes it health-wealthy:

  • The milk is abundant in protein and has the strength of micro nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, Riboflavin and vitamin B12. A cup of soy milk can produce 8 grams of proteins and give your body the same benefit. Apart from this, the milk is also rich source of ALA, Alpha Linolenic Acid and Omega-3 fatty acid. These are essentials for smooth functioning of body. The soy milk has similar benefits in the form of micronutrients, which cow milk has.
  • Soy milk is lactose free on contrary to cow milk. Being a source of natural sugar, many people find it hard to digest. Thus, for people who are milk allergic or can’t tolerate lactose, can opt for soy milk serving. This makes an ideal replacement because it does not have any major side-effects.


The health benefits are several, but the milk has that equal share of cons with it. Shockingly, soy milk can affect fertility factor of men. Apart from it, it may also affect on the thyroid function with increasing the activity of thyroid hormone. To give a boost to lean muscle mass, dairy milk is considered as more healthy and effective. From all above points suggest us to take a middle way, if you wish to try soy milk. Sensitive towards sugar people should stay away from soy. However, vegans with healthy digestion can opt for this non-dairy product.