State Govt.’s Ashray Scheme Takes Care Of Abandoned Children On Streets


The abandoned newborns will see the light of hopes as the state government have taken an important step in their favour. The health department of the state government thought from the humanity perspectives and decided to provide complete shelter and care to abandoned children.

Every day, we hear of throwing away the new born babies in bushes, drains and dustbins. Most of these new born are girl children amidst which many get torn away by stray dogs. Many get lucky to survive the catastrophe and get timely treatment. For these unfortunate children, state government initiated a sensitive step.

For this, the directors of the health department rolled out these instructions:

Don’t throw away newborn, give them to us:

Dr. Ramroop Meena also revealed that, the Ashray scheme also has a dedicated logo of it. The logo contains the message, “नवजातोंको फेंको मत, हमें दाे”. In this, the culprit can leave the new born at “Ashray” place and they will be taken care.

The motive is to save life:

The state government mingled 65 hospitals in the “Ashray scheme”. These hospitals are equipped with the shelter space. With this, state government strives to save maximum lives.

Lives will be saved and future will be secured:

The scheme is about nursing place where the unwanted children will be nurtured. After putting the new born at nursing place, a bell will ring within 2 minutes. After that, the hospital staff will take care of the abandoned children. The identity of the person putting the child will be kept discreet.

While weaving a better and visionary Rajasthan, the state government has shown sense towards the crucial lifeline of the state. Newborn are future of the state and country and thus, with this, the state government has taken complete responsibility of building a healthy fortune.

Another crucial point is, the scheme also saves plethora of abandoned girl children. State government strives to make it a secure place for new born.

In below video, you can see how the whole procedure from saving the child to taking care of it is conducted. Sadly, many of these children suffer from hazardous diseases and the rescue team take care of their treatment.


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Posted by The Human Touch on Tuesday, 7 March 2017