‘States not adopting the CAA are committing a constitutional blunder” – Rajnath Singh

Rajnath Singh, defence minister of India
File image of Rajnath Singh
Rajnath Singh, defence minister of India
File image of Rajnath Singh

Defence Minister on Monday offered a advice-cum-warning to all the states that are deciding to against the implementation of CAA in their particular states. He said that those states opposing CAA are committing a constitutional blunder and advised them to resist any kind of temptation going against the new implement act.

The states of Rajasthan, West Bengal, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Telangana and Chhattisgarh have announced that they will not implement either the National Register of Citizens (NRC) or the Citizenship Amendment Act.

He was speaking at the “Jana Jagruthi Samavesha” organised to create awareness on CAA by the Bharatiya Janata Party where shared his thoughts about the present scenario. He raised a point that Mahatma Gandhi in his time had asked the then Prime Minister late Jawaharlal Nehru to grant citizenship to religious minorities coming from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Then he connected the above statement with another statement that the present Modi-led NDA government at the Centre was only fulfilling the wish of Mahatma Gandhi.

He also stressed on the fact unnecessary fear is being created among the Muslims living in India about the National Register of Citizenship and BJP is yet to take up this topic for discussion. “Nobody can touch Indian Muslims and throw them out. If any Muslim faces such a situation, the BJP would stand by him,” he assured. There was no question of snatching away the citizenship of 130 crore people of India, he assured.

The Minister also shed light on the fact that the Modi-led government has given citizenship to over 600 Muslims, including famous bollywood singer Adnan Sami, who have come over from other countries in the last six years.

Speaking about the National Population Register (NPR), Mr. Singh said that the exercise was started in 2010 by the United Progressive Alliance-led government at the Centre. If any resident is not willing to give certain details about him or her, such a person would not be forced to give them, he said.



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