Sunny Leone’s Ad Upsets a Congress MLA in Goa: How? Check out this Video!

Congress MLA Francis Silveira ‘Not so Cool’ with Sunny Leone’s Manforce Condom Ad

After KRK and Salman Khan, porn star turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone is the controversy’s new favorite child! Regardless of her not-so-good performances in the movies, her hotness quotients have skyrocketed in the Indian cine-industry in the last couple of years. Considering this thought, Manforce, the ‘controversial’ Indian brand approached Leone for an ad campaign not so long ago. While the Indian audience may find these advertisements tempting, things are different with politicians. Just recently, Congress MLA Francis Silveira wrecked havoc in Goa, demanding an immediate ban on Sunny’s ads.

Poor thing saw her advertisement on one of the public buses operate by Goa Transport Corporation. The minister argued that since children travel in these buses, it’s ‘inappropriate’ to feature such ads in public. What’s more surprising is that the Goa government succumbed to the whims of the irritating minister. Within a day, Sunny Leone’s ad was banned in Goa! This perhaps is Congress’s personal retort to alcohol ban in Goa. Who’s growing intolerant now? Check out this Steaming Video by Bollywood Inside for more details.