How China has a lot at stake if it sparks a war with India. Here’s what Sushma Swaraj says

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj voiced her voice loud and clear at the Rajya Sabha yesterday. Speaking on the Doklam issue, the minister rendered a meaningful

Speech which has had a greater impact on the political perceptions about the India-China face-off.

War is not the solution

Sushma Swaraj said that war doesn’t bring a solution for any fight or tussle. After every war, there is a dialogue which truly leads to the dispute settlement. She later clarified that war is never an ultimate solution to any problem.

She said virtues like “patience” and “discipline” will bring us results in the direction of our needs.

China contributes to India’s financial strength

At the Rajya Sabha, Minister Swaraj said that China has a key role in boosting our finances. There is a lot of risk here. Swaraj said: “Hamari jo aarthik kshamta badh rahi hai, usme China ka yogdaan hai… unka yahan bahut zyada risk, stake hai… kitne zyada contract unhe diye huye hain.

On Satish Chandra’s claim that India should work on negotiating with China on all fronts, Swaraj said “We are not negotiating only on Doklam, we are talking about bilateral relations in entirety. And a solution will also emerge from it.” “As far as economic strength is concerned, China is one of the leading countries among major contributors and economic partners. That’s why Doklam is not the lone issue. So, a solution will definitely emerge if we engage in dialogue on bilateral relations.”

Swaraj also highlighted a letter written by the Chinese government. The 15-page statement issued by the Chinese government revealed that China is in favour of a friendly and a settlement through peace and tranquility in the India-China border tussle, which is apparently growing worse by the day.

Swaraj said friendly settlement of the India-China border is an important pre-requisite for smooth development of our bilateral relations.