Terrorist attacks on the cards in South India, Indian Army

indian army
File image of Indian army soldiers
indian army
File image of Indian army soldiers

According to an Indian army commander, the Indian army has received inputs about a terrorist attack taking place in the southern part of India in the coming future. All the south India has been put on a red alert as some abandoned boats have been recovered in the Sir Creek area, Lt Gen S K Saini, GOC-in-C of the Army’s Southern Command informed reporters at an event near Pune.

“We have got many inputs that there may be a terrorist attack in the southern part of India and peninsular India,” he said.

Keeping in mind the terrorist threat, measures for capacity building and capacity development by the Indian army are under process in the Sir Creek area.

“We are taking precautions to ensure that any designs of the inimical elements or terrorists are stalled and they do not get the success which they are wishing,” he said.

Lt Gen Saini was present in the Pune region for the commencement of Phase II infrastructural development at the Army Law College near Kanhe and this is where he shared this important piece of information with the media.

One of the reporters asked his views over the changing dynamics and threats originating from a neighboring country and about this he said, “In the case of J&K, the external dimension is much more pronounced than the internal dimension. We have a very clear cut policy based on which have been resolving insurgencies.

“The government takes a comprehensive view of every conflict and undertakes political, economic, social and diplomatic measures to resolve it. The Army’s role is to create conducive conditions for such initiatives by the government,” he said.

And as far as any contingency related to J&K situation is concerned, the Indian army is fully prepared to combat any kind of problem.




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