The emergence of new parties in Rajasthan leaves the state as good as before

New and elite politicians of Rajasthan are in the phase of trying their luck, as they are launching their own political parties with the dream of becoming the next Chief Minister of the state. Dreaming is good but unrealistic dreaming is hazardous.

Independent MLA from Khinvsar Hanuman Beniwal floated his new party – Rashtriya Loktantrik Party (RLP), promising the public that he will bring about a change. He conducted his rallies in different areas of the state, managed to gather over a lakh fake audiences, delivered a strong speech, made promises of significant matters but what is it worth?

The real audience is still standing with the incumbency, owing to its multiple developmental works and welfare schemes which have made an actual difference. The incumbency has gone past fake audiences and performed real work, at the grass-root level.

In an interview with media agency The Wire, a retired professor at the University of Rajasthan and political watcher named Rajiv Gupta said: “Beniwal is a leader of Jat but he’s not an effective leader of the Jat community. Interestingly, the Shekhawati region that has witnessed the farmer’s movement in the last few years is essentially the Jat-dominated belt and I don’t think Beniwal would be able to penetrate in that manner and would end up helping the Left.”

The Rajasthan elections are scheduled to be held on December 7, 2018, the results of which will be declared on December 11, 2018. As for the most prominent parties – BJP and Congress, the latter hasn’t announced its chief ministerial candidate as of yet. The former, however, has maintained Vasundhara Raje as their candidate – increasing their chances of winning manifold.

The election campaigning strategies for Congress failed terribly due to their unchanged habit of maligning another party, levying false allegations and boast of their works, which they probably didn’t do.



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