The man who is nothing short of an inspiration; Happy Birthday Shri Narendra Modi!

The man who was born with a dream, a dream to serve this great country we call India. The man who works for over 18 hours a day, so that a country of billions can sleep peacefully, the man who has not taken a single day off in the past 15 years of his career., the man who travels at night, so that he doesn’t waste a single minute, the man who’s vision is transforming this country, that man is no other but the Prime Minister of this country, Narendra Modi and today we proudly wish him a very happy and prosperous Birthday.

Narendra Modi is a living legend who has proved that any ordinary person has the ability to do extraordinary things. He has proves to the world out there, that no matter what comes your way, you can achieve anything if you have that zeal and passion in you. On the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Mod’s Birthday the government of India has planned to break several world records and register Modi’s 66th birthday in the Guinness Book of Records. The government of India has planned to distribute medical aid and appliances to more than 11000 people in Navsari, a village around 50 kilometers from Surat, Gujarat. Isn’t that great?

Narendra Modi started his day by seeking blessings from his mother in his home town. People from around the world have started showering blessings and wishes upon PM Narendra Modi. Being his fan and a proud Indian you too can wish him. How? By logging in his mobile application ‘Namo App’ and can post a comment with your picture. You will get a customised video of you with the Narendra Modi’s pictures, wishes and much more in return. This is an open opportunity to ever individual of the country to directly wish our Prime Minister. Now before you do that, let us tell you how twitter has reacted to PM Narendra Modi’s 66th Birthday. Apart from twitter flying ballons on Narendra Modi’s profile, the twitterati have flooded this micro blogging site with various birthday wishes and blessings.


Here are some of the best wishes:

Truly, India is proud to have a leader like you. Happy Birthday Modi Ji




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