This is why 2019 elections will be about pro-incumbency

The Bhartiya Janata Party and Congress are battling against each other in Rajasthan. While Congress is battling just against the opposition, BJP is playing a tug of war with history – the history of alternating governments. Congress lost to BJP in the former elections by a huge margin, as BJP won by 46.05 percent against the 33.7 percent of the Congress.

By calibrated messaging, effective rallies and spreading the word of development, BJP is starting to overpower the temporary traction for Congress. Sachin Pilot is losing ground and the connection with the populace is also starting to fade. Their election campaign has resulted in a very mild response; BJP is still strong in the run to the elections day.

Owing to the ritual of voting a different government to power, other than the ruling government, it might be seen as an easy opportunity for the Congress to win the elections; but unfortunately, the party’s infighting and lack of clarity on the chief ministerial candidate has put the public in a pro-BJP state.

Schemes like Bhamashah Yojana, Mukhyamantri Jal Swavlamban Yojana, Nyay Aapke Dwaar, Rajshri Yojana, Scooty Vitaran among other develop-oriented schemes implemented by CM Raje have penetrated into the rural areas, giving the citizens more hope for development in the future – development which reaches them, schemes which actually deliver.

Everybody needs development and is only looking for new hopes to pin onto; BJP has done just that. What might act as a bottleneck for BJP can be casteism. Nonetheless, the party is optimistic about stitching vote banks, keeping ‘United Spectrum of Hindu Votes’ to bounce back on.

The anti-incumbency is just a stale reason to blame for Congress’s inefficiency and inability to attain power in the desert state. The Congress party is not confident of its candidates, which is why the party hasn’t announced their candidates in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh – something which speaks volumes for the dilemma the party is confronted with.

Time should tell whether pro-incumbency wins or anti-incumbency.



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