Pokemon Go Android & IOS Game: Tips and Tricks to catch’ em all

The Pokémon Go android game is now being downloaded by half of the world even when it has not being released by its launchers in half of the world. It has become the most downloaded app and gamers are going crazy for this. It is taking the whole world by storm and now it has officially been launched in the UK. But players, you got to prepare yourself for playing the game as it is not easy to play and doesn’t have any guidance, help or advice to catch ’em all.

The Pokémon games for android also contain fake apps but you will eventually realize that it’s not the Pokémon Android game. So, here we are presenting you some of the tips and tricks which could help you to level up much faster. The faster you are in catching them, the more chances you will get to fight in those Poke Gyms.

It’s the time for Pokemon GO Tips and Tricks to level up much faster : –

  • Usage of Map: The game Pokemon Go apk is all about the hunt of Pokémon’s and an essential thing for it is the map. You got to tap the icon on the corner of your screen which would display the nearby Pokémon’s to you. If you are after a specific Pokémon, then tap on that Pokémon and the map will show the distance and direction to that Pokémon. That way it’s quicker to zero in on the Pokémon you’re after.

Nearby Pokemons - Pokemon Go Android & IOS Game

  • How to catch: The Pokemon Go Android & IOS game can’t be played sitting at home. You got to go out and catch them regularly. After encountering a Pokémon, you will need a Pokeball to capture them. Then aim at the Pokémon and swipe the Pokeball on the screen. Make sure that it lands on or nearby Pokémon that you are trying to catch. It is possible that Pokémon will resist your Pokeball but, be patient. Persistence always pays and you might need to throw more balls at him or even use a razzberry to first make them docile and then catch them.

Pokemon Go Android & IOS Game

  • Don’t leave any Pokémon behind: While wandering around, if you get across any wild Pokémon which has already been captured by you before, don’t skip it. You can always exchange your duplicate Pokémon for candies. Candies are just like anabolic steroids which can boost the performance of Pokémon’s in a battle. To trade, you just have to tap the Pokéball icon, go to the Pokémon, and then click on the Pokémon you want to offload and scroll down to transfer.
  • Battling your friends with your Pokémon: The Pokémon Android game lets you experience the wildness and violence of Poke fight, but for that purpose, you will have to go to a Pokegym. You can find Pokegyms on your maps and after clearing level 5, you will be eligible to fight with other players, who have their own trained Pokémon’s ready and raring to fight.

Pokemon Fighting - Pokemon Go Android & IOS Game

  • Curveball to add points: you can throw a curveball instead of simple Poke ball. All you need to do is to draw a few circles around Pokeball before throwing and this way, it would spin in the air. It will get you 10XP more points, although it’s not more but it does count somewhere.
  • Battery saving: As Pokémon games for android and Apple are location-based services, they use GPS and Wi-Fi systems. It consumes your phone’s battery to a large extent. So, to save your battery, go to settings and select the low power mode.
  • Following Leaves: Pokémon’s will always try to hide and then what you are going to do? So, if you want to be the best, you will have to follow the rustling leaves as they are indicators of hiding Pokémon’s nearby in the game. You can locate them on the game’s virtual map.

Pokemon GO

  • Use of Incense: There may be times when you are not able to go out for hunting and you being a Pokémon lover could seriously miss the thrill out there. But wait, the game’s got something for you too. You can lure the Pokémon in by using incense which is an attractive fragrance. This intoxicating aroma will bring them near to you and stay until 30 minutes and that’s when you can strike.

Pokemon Go Incense

  • Disable AR mode: The Augmented Reality (AR) mode is the best thing about the game as it puts Pokémon monsters in your local chippy, Waitrose, and even the gym. But, it surely adds a little element of ‘reality’ to the game which makes it even harder to catch them. So, if want to simplify the process, just disable the AR mode off on the right-hand corner of your Game’s screen. Those ways, you can capture Pokémon more quickly and efficiently.