Tool kit case: Nikita Jacob, Disha Ravi, Shantanu made and shared it, says Delhi Police

Tool kit case, Delhi police
Delhi police revealed the faces behind the tool kit
Tool kit case, Delhi police
Delhi police revealed the faces behind the tool kit

The Delhi Police on Monday guaranteed that climate activist Disha Ravi, another extremist and legal counselor Nikita Jacob, and Shantanu had made the toolbox and shared it to ‘criticize India across the globe on the issue of three farm laws’.

Tending to a question and answer session this early evening time with respect to the tool stash case, the Delhi Police said that the 21-year-old Ravi had erased the WhatsApp group, which she made to spread the ‘tool kit’.

Ravi, captured in the Toolkit case, and two others, held a Zoom meeting coordinated by “supportive of khalistani bunch PFJ” before 26 January to design a web-based media buzz on the farm hauler march, the Delhi Police said today.

The cops additionally said that a lady, distinguished as Puneet situated in Canada, associated these individuals to the “Pro-Khalistani Poetic Justice Foundation”. On 11 January, Nikita and Shantanu went to a Zoom meeting coordinated by the PJF, in which modalities were chalked out, they added.

Two others – Nikita Jacob and Shantanu Muluk – are needed by the Delhi cops for the situation.

Ravi’s capture and non-bailable warrants against two different activists in the Greta Thunberg tool kit case have made a chaos across India and abroad. The three activists have been blamed for teaming up with a favorable to Khalistani gathering to make a tool kit and offer it via web-based media.

The tool compartment, first shared by Swedish teen environment dissident Greta Thunberg over 10 days back, has been asserted as the confirmation of the Khalistani trick against India by numerous pundits.

Subsequent to enrolling a FIR against the makers of the toolkit the exact day, Delhi Police had mentioned Google for email ids of those associated with distributing and altering the report. “We have an answer from Google on a portion of the inquiries with respect to the Toolkit Doc,” the Delhi Police said today.



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