Top 10 Must See Places in India Once in Your Lifetime


Isn’t it absolutely boring and difficult at the same time to continue living the same lifestyle daily? Don’t you give it a thought that what are you doing in your office when actually right now you must be enjoying yourself at an exotic place in India? Why? We say why not? India is one o the most beautifully diverse countries in the world. It serves you anything and everything, from deserts to mountains, from beaches to wildlife sanctuaries, literally. This colourful quality is what attracts tourists from around the world. There are various unexplored tourist attractions and natural sites situated at different nook and corner of India which are worth a visit. Visiting these places will definitely turn out to be the most amazing experience and life time memory for anyone. These must see place of India are spread at the different parts of the country and takes healthy amount of time to explore.

You might be wondering, in such a huge country, where to start from? Among so many spell bounding places, which one to go for? Well, people, what we are here for. Today, knowing your doubts and to make sure you don’t waste your prestigious ‘holidays’, we have listed top 10 must see places in India that you must visit once in your lifetime.

1. Yumthang Valley, Sikkim:

1. Yumthang Valley, Sikkim
The breathtaking Yumthang valley is a gazing pasture at a height of 3,564 metres above sea level. The valley is surrounded by snowy Himalayan Mountains and is popularly known as ‘Valley of Flowers’.


2. Tea Gardens, Munnar:

2. tea-garden-hill-of-munnar
This small town situated in the southwest of Kerala is completely covered with tea plantation which gives it an amazing lush green view. Some hills are as high as 7000 metres above the sea level.


3. Stok Range, Ladakh:

3. stok-range-ladhak

At a height of 11845 feet high, Stok range is often referred to as the practice mountain for Everest. This is one of the most popular mountain range among the climbers and mountaineers.


4. Nurba Valley, Ladakh:

With minimal plantation and hardly any precipitation, this valley is also known as a cold desert at an high altitude.


5. Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapungi:

4. Nohkalikai-Falls-Cherrapunji
One of the tallest plunge waterfalls in the country, Nohkalikai is named after a lady who after fighting with her family became insane and jumped off the cliff next to the fall. This has a remarkable view.


6. Mizoram:

5. mizoram
It is known as the land of valleys, lush green vegetation, rivers and lakes. The state owns around 21 major hills and mountain ranges that run through the state measuring different heights.


7. Lonar Sarovar, Maharashtra:

6. Lonar-Crater-lake-maharashtra
This Lake is believed to be formed after a meteor impact. This is a beautiful saline soda lake situated in Buldana district of the state.


8. Matheran, Maharashtra:

7. matheran
Located at just 90 km from the city of dream Mumbai, this is a perfect place for the nature and peace lovers. The dramatic view of the sunset and sunrise will make memories to cherish forever.


9. Hoggenakal Falls, Tamil Nadu:

8. Hoggenakal-Falls_south-india_kaveri-river
This tremendous waterfall in the Kaveri river in south India, admits lush green mountain range is a perfect eye delight. It is usually also known as Niagara Falls.


10. Tungnath, Uttrakhand:

This mountain peak gives you a lifetime view. Situated at an altitude of 12073 feet, you can also witness the oldest said Hindu shrine of Lord Shiva.

Thank us later pals, pack your bags and get set go!!



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