Top 5 destinations for road trips in India

road trip destinations in south india

Road trips have their own scintillating charm. They perfectly give justice to the saying “Journeys mean so much more than the destination”. The scope of fun we can have while travelling is much more than actual destinations can provide. Because journeys like road trips allow us the freedom to enjoy in whatever ways we want to, whereas the destinations we aim for have their own pre-planned schedules which we cannot alter easily.  Road trips are all about the excitement and curiosity to explore. Your imaginations and expectations about your destination form the essence of any road trip.

India has a lot to offer you when it comes to road trips. Here is a list of 5 best destinations which give chance to thrilling and adventurous road trips.



A 7-8 hour long drive on NH 8 is one nice drive to take on. One moment you are the capital and through a beautiful journey and in some time you would find yourself among Rajasthan’s wildlife. A total of 396 Kms won’t feel like a huge number after you start with your road trip. Stops like Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaipur are there to keep you busy and to fill your trip with many experiences to remember.


Want to live a breathtaking road trip experience? These two start and end points as destinations are the best options to live your dream as a traveler. It gives way to a long 475 Kms drive through beautiful snow clad mountains and valleys. We promise this trip would be serene and peaceful, with zig zag roads taking you around in steep turns, and allowing you to witness Himalaya’s poetic charm.


With a variety like city roads, hill roads and highways coming in your way, you will have a handful of almost all types of road side experiences. Coorg also called the Scotland of India, has a magnificent entrance through roads moving along the Western Ghats. Before this could happen, Mysore and Kabini Forest Reserve are two very embracing stoppage spots in between. 250 Kms is a short distance as compared to others but there is so much to do and many enjoyable activities all along this road trip.


The most famous of the road trips is this 601 Kms long stretch which takes you from one happening destination to another even more happening tourist place. Throughout the trip you can just relax and have the time of your life either with your friends or your family members. It is via NH 17 that you can reach this too-cool-to-handle destination. West Coasts’ scenic panorama is just another delight this road trip offers.


Mountainous wilderness is a definite treat for eyes. Its takes a surprising turn when you visit this via a road trip. You’ll get to witness flowing waterfalls, calm monasteries, and deep valleys on your way up to Tawang. You will be stunned at the divinity you experience as you connect with nature on this 521 Kms road trip.

Next time before planning any trip, do consider the merits of road trips. We promise you won’t regret your decision if you travel along these particular traveling avenues. 



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