Triple Talaq Controversy Attracted One Million Petitions From Indian Muslim Women

Triple talaq practice is gaining fast momentum everyday. In the favour  of muslim women, PM Modi took this initiative to end this immoral practice. Millions of Muslims in the country are waiting with the starry eyes to happen some justice in this regard.  Women in majority have signed a petition to make an end to the this unethical divorce practice.

As per the Quran’s preaching, after a man recites talaq for the first time, there should be a gap of three months so that he can reconsider his decision. The divorce will be final decision, when even after three months, he stays on his decision and recites “talaq” for two more times.

This petition was initiated by the Muslim Rashtriya Manch which is an Islam organisation. The group is associated with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. This petition received a positive response as the BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party) collected huge reach in the recent UP Assembly Elections.

Out of total of 403 seats, BJP registered its win with 312 seats. Since the year of 1980, this has been the highest majority number till now. UP holds a major section of muslim population. And, shockingly, the muslim population in UP make 18.5%  part of the total UP population.

UP, the largest state of the country turned the facet of assembly elections in the country. The recent consideration by BJP has rekindled the hopes in the Muslim women, which is why they filed petition for it. Also, the central government has suggested that, the triple talaq practice brings injustice and gender inequality in the country. To foster the proper law and practice and equality, government has decided to take this decision.

Apart from this, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has made a defending statement that, “its better to divorce a woman than kill her”.

It meant that, “The rights bestowed by religion can’t be questioned in a court of law”.

Previous year, PM Narendra Modi stated that, “lives of Muslim women cannot be allowed to be destroyed by triple talaq.”