UEFA recommends “not to play matches in countries where women have restricted access to stadiums”


A very inspiring move by the UEFA made its mark! On Tuesday, the governing body for European football (UEFA) said it would conclude to members ‘ clubs and national teams that they should not play games in countries where women have no free access to stadiums.

The ruling executive committee of UEFA said that they would “recommend to its 55 national associations and all European clubs not to play matches in countries where women have restricted access to stadiums”. Amid the scenario in some countries where the women are not granted basic rights, this step would help in the mass awareness of the same issue and would also help in combating it.

How so ever, the name of the countries have not been specified by the UEFA. It did not intend to target any particular country/countries.

Since a fan died previously this month in protest of her detention for participating in the game, Iran, however, has been the focus.

FIFA Soccer World Governing Body claims Iranian authorities have been assured that on October 10, they will be available to females for qualifying for the World Cup against Cambodia.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said that his body has no authority to punish European teams that could take place in nations where access to females is not restricted, but that its organization is widely supported by the strategy and not by teams from those nations.

“We cannot punish anyone if they play (in these countries) because it is out of our jurisdiction but that doesn’t mean we should be quiet and say we can’t do anything and we (just) develop European football,” said the Slovene.

“Our advice to 55 associations and all the clubs… will be not to play there or with the teams from those countries where the basic rights of women are not respected” “The representatives of the clubs and the leagues agreed with us”.



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