US Targets India and other countries over Trade Tariff at G7 Summit


During the G7 Summit in Canada, US President Donald Trump targeted India among other countries over the trade tariff. Besides, he also angered America’s closest allies by imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico, and the European Union.

He accused the countries of “robbing” the US and left the summit on bitter terms. He even said that “We’re like the piggy bank that everybody is robbing.” Citing the example of India he said that some of the tariffs are 100% and threatened to stop trade with countries that are being “unfair” to the US.

Earlier this year, President Trump had criticized India for import duty on Harley Davidson motorcycles and had threatened to increase the import tariff. He had also commented that India’s decision of reducing the tariff from 75% to 50% wasn’t enough and it should be reciprocal as the US imposes “zero” on the import of motorcycles. Although he clarified that he isn’t blaming India, he said that people shouldn’t allow India to get away with the taxes and called it “unfair”.

At the end of the tense summit on Saturday, Trump rejected a joint communiqué after a war of words. Trump’s decision stunned all the other G-7 members who pledged to support the communiqué. While Germany’s Angela Merkel called the decision “depressing”, French President Marcon pointed out that “fits of anger and throwaway remarks” cannot dictate international co-operation.

Here’s what US President Donald Trump tweeted about the trade tariff:



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