Venkaiah Naidu becomes India 15th Vice President of India

M Venkaiah Naidu was sworn in as the Vice President of India. “If you cooperate, I will operate better,” Naidu said.

President Ramnath Kovind administered the oath of office to Naidu, at a brief ceremony in the Durbar Hall of Rashtrapati Bhawan.

“If the ruling party has power, the opposition must at least have its say. But at the end of the day, democracy says that opposition must have its say and the government must have its way because it is as per the mandate of the people,” Naidu said in his first speech as the Rajya Sabha chairman.

I am Above Politics: Venkaiah Naidu 

Naidu said he was earlier “an all-party man”. However, now he was “above politics”.

“I will meet your expectations. Everyone among you will get an opportunity but everyone must follow the rules and regulations (of Parliament),” Naidu said in response to welcome speeches by Rajya Sabha members.

He said politicians must not look at each other as enemies but as “rivals” in their common endeavor of “working hard to strengthen the country and help people”.

“Democracy is not about numbers but to understand and appreciate each others’ point of view. We must debate, discuss, decide and deliver.”

Naidu also credited the “might” and “beauty” of the Indian Constitution for his political success.

PM briefs about farmer’s son

“Venkaiah Naidu is a farmer’s son and during his tenure as poverty alleviation minister, he has always upheld the interests of the poor,” said PM Modi while speaking in Rajya Sabha.

Brien gifts an Acronym

TMC member, Derek O’Brien honoured the Vice President of India, Venkaiah Naidu with an acronym .

NAIDU- N: Now, A: All, I: India, D: Dearest, U: Umpire.

Ram Nath Kovind

Newly elected President Ram Nath Kovind sworn in as the President of India on July 25, 2017.