Woman looking to enter into Sabarimala Temple attacked by chilli spray

Bindu ammini, sabarimala
Bindu Ammini, who was attacked on tuesday morning
Bindu ammini, sabarimala
Bindu Ammini, who was attacked on tuesday morning

One of the two women who had scaled the Sabarimala hill and had darshan at the Lord Ayyappa temple in starting part of this year, was attacked with chilli spray near the city police commissioner’s office on Tuesday.

The woman who goes by the name of Bindu Ammini was getting dowm from a car when a man wearing a saffron dhoti approached her with a can of chilli powder spray. The substance was sprayed on her face even as she tried to resist. The attacker quickly got vanished from the spot.

But the accused was later arrested by the local police. The accused was identified as Sreenath Padmanabhan who is 28 year-old and is a native of Kudiyanmala in Kannur.

Bindu was later on tranferred to General Hospital in Ernakulam for treatment. Bindu arrived at the Revenue Tower premises, to see a group of women led by activist Trupti Desai who reached Kochi on Tuesday in order to try and scale the hill of Sabarimala.

The number of these women is around seven who reached Kochi on Tuesday. They are seeking entry into the temple as there is no stay on the Supreme Court order allowing temple entry for women of all ages. Bindu Ammini, who had darshan under police protection in January, was also accompanying Trupti.

It was found from the sources that these women reached the Cochin International Airport on early tuesday morning but the exact time was not specified about when they were planning to enter the Sabarimala temple.



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