Women Can Carry Knives and Matchboxes In Metro

CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) has rolled out a new law keeping in view the rising need for women security, that females are permitted to carry small knives in metro trains.

A designated CISF officer explained it like, “Women will now be permitted to carry knives that are less than four inches long. We realised that small knives are not a threat to security but required by women for their protection”.

The official also mentioned, “However, we examine the tools and make an entry in a register so that the passenger can be traced if needed”.

Not even knives, they have also permitted matchboxes and lighters in all metros. These are the items which are confiscated from the passengers’ luggage on daily basis. As per the norm, they are permitted to carry the lighter and matchbox but not more than a single piece.

This permit is restricted to some limits because several items are not allowed to carry in the metro. The decision came into existence when there were constant complaints of the certain inconveniences caused by travelling in the metro trains.

Also, a record of the tools are maintained by CISF, so that if anything unnatural happens, the keeper of the tools can be summoned and interrogated.

After thoroughly reviewing the complete security threat which is prevailing, this order was passed by CISF, under which knives, lighters and matchboxes are allowed till a certain restriction.

The data says that, the Delhi metros carry 30 lakh passengers every day. Presently, on different stations, more than 100 restricted items like lighters and matchboxes are seized.

The official also mentioned that, “World over it is a practice that only items that can cause mass destruction are not allowed. We carried a review and found that with these items, passengers’ safety is not in danger”.