World Diabetes day: Miraculous Fruits to be eaten to combat Diabetes

World Diabetes Day

Today is World Diabetes Day. Diabetes is a metabolic disease that is characterized by high level of sugar in blood. In fact, the cases of diabetes patients are continuously growing. Hence, if one wishes to stay healthy with diabetes then one should be cautious about the diet. Usually, diabetes patients don’t eat fruits due to risk of high sugar levels of blood. But this is a myth as there are certain fruits that help in lowering sugar level. These fruits are so healthy that one can eat them every day. Check out these miraculous fruits one should eat to combat Diabetes on this World Diabetes day.

Talking about the oranges, they are rich in flavonols, flavanones and phenolic acid which are good for diabetes. Oranges helps in slowing down the movement of glucose through the intestines and liver. Hence, it makes a healthy fruit fro diabetes.

World Diabetes day
Jamun (Black Plum)
Jamun is good for people with diabetes. As the fruit has Polyphenolic compounds hence diabetic people are advised to eat it. The fruit helps in reducing the levels of sugar in blood and urine. Even the people who consume it on regular basis can also mitigate the possibilities of the diabetes in future.

World Diabetes day

Another wonderful fruit that diabetes patients should consume is cherry. The presence of anthocyanin in cherries makes them amazing fruit for diabetic people. Anthocyanins are water-soluble vacuolar pigments which increases the cell insulin production by 50%.

World Diabetes dayGuava
For diabetes patients, Guava is a miraculous fruit. Hence, diabetic patients are suggested to eat this fruit. Guava has a low glycemic index as well it is rich in dietary fiber. Eating Guava also results in less absorption of sugar in blood.

World Diabetes day



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