World Vegan Day on November 1: 2 more days to go; Know the facts about Vegans


November 1, celebrated as World Vegan Day is coming in 2 days. It is basically an annual event celebrated by vegans around the world every year. This festival continues till 6 November. This event was by Louise Wallis in year 1994. This event is celebrated in many ways like setting up stalls, hosting potlucks and planting memorial trees. In fact, this practice of becoming vegan is followed in many countries across the globe. Let’s know few things about Vegans.

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Who are Vegans?
As the name suggest, it sounds like vegetarian but they are other from Vegetarians too. Those who are vegetarian at least consume dairy products and other animal produce. While, Vegans are those vegetarians who not use animal products or even by-products such as eggs, dairy products, honey, leather, fur, silk, cosmetics.

Well.. the reason behind becoming vegans is health, environment and ethical reasons. In fact, these people consume food in different manner.

Myths about Vegans
There are certain myths are vegans which are needed to be busted. Like, it is considered that vegans only eat raw vegetables which, is not right. They cook food. Another myth is vegans consume low protein food items. It is necessary to understand that several vegetarian products like chickpeas, tofu and veggies etc are as good as non-vegetarian sources of protein. People should also be clear that veganism is not an expensive practice. Eating fruits and vegetables will not cost too much to your pocket.

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Interesting Facts to know about Vegans
In the world, there is approximately 5 percent of vegetarian population, out of which 2.5 percent are Vegans. This year, it is 22nd annual celebration of World Vegan Month. Vegan Diet reduces the possibilities of Cancer and leads you to safe life.




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