10 Reasons why Milind Soman has ruined all men for us!

Milind Soman

Milind Soman, the name that itself is enough to give all the girls out there goosebumps and feelings. He is person that is so hard to take out of mind. Whenever one talks about perfection, charm, good looks, passion or fitness, there’s only one person that comes to our mind, MILIND SOMAN. We are so in love with this person. Oh you too? And why not? His charming personality, great fitness and that gorgeous smile is not something that you see every day. The supermodel, film producer, actor and fitness promoter has everything that any girl would ever want. Right from the moment he popped out of the ‘Made in India’ box in Alisha Chinai’s music video, we cannot seem to get him out of our head. Every now and then we have seen him making the headlines with the wonderful work he’s doing.

Today, we are going to tell you how Milind Soman has make it difficult for the boys out there. Here are the 10 reasons why Milind Soman, India’s Biggest Supermodel has ruined all men for us:

  • He has a body and that handsome Greek God face.

Milind Soman 1

  • He has always taken his career seriously and is immensely bold and courageous. (Let’s continue guys, though I know you are stuck here. BDW that’s a shoe’s advertisement shot in 1995)

Milind Soman 2

  • He is a strong and avid sportsman. He is a national level swimming champion and Limca Record holder for running.

Milind Soman 3

  • In his 90s videos he has always been the perfect dreamy boyfriend.

Milind Soman 4

  • With that charming personality, he can absolutely pull of any look and apparel, with equal perfection.

Milind Soman 5

  • He looks forward a fit India and is working with utmost dedication towards it.

Milind Soman 7

  • He has the best smile in the world anybody could fall for.

Milind Soman 9

  • He is a walking inspiration for every individual on the planet.

Milind Soman 6

  • God decided to make us watch him and die so he made him as humble as he is hot.

Milind Soman 8

  • He can be anything, from being a superhero to a guy next door, the ultimate ‘man’ or the just himself, literally everything.

Milind Soman 10

And not to forget ladies, HE IS SINGLE!

How can someone be so perfect? Literally, how?
Milind Soman, we LOVE you <3



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