5 Foods You Must Avoid To Save Your Skin From Hormonal Acne

A fresh and soft skin never comes easy. There are various components in our diets that may lead to a bad skin. There is also term called, “Hormonal acne” which is often faced by women right after their periods or during the menstrual cycle. This is the period when the estrogen and testosterone affect the body the most. Due to the inability to produce and maintain healthy balance of these hormones, they lead to accumulation. This makes possibilities for less detoxification and more of estrogen in the body. This will cause acne prone skin which added inflammation. The hormonal acne cannot be rectified with expensive creams and gels but with a right choice of food. Unknowingly, you may be putting in the foods which are causing hormonal disruption and inflammation.

Below are such nemesis foods, that you need to avoid:

1. Caffeine:

This may boost your energy levels in those most needed morning hours but at the same time, it can cause disruption in nutrients like magnesium, vitamin B and zinc.

2. Dairy:

The dairy products are a source of synthetic hormones which can contribute to the hormones of the body. Thus, dairy products can cause to “leaky guy syndrome”, which is very common among aged people. The syndrome mainly affect the bowl moments of small intestine.

  1. Soy Products:

Soy products can lead to unexpected hormonal breakouts as they heavily contains phytoestrogens. The best way to keep a check on soy consuming is to keep an eye on the ingredients. Many of the foods contain it unexpectedly.

  1. Gluten:

Gluten is one major source of stomach inflammation as it has same properties like dairy products. A gluten free diet is the healthiest choice you can make this year.

  1. Sunflower, canola and vegetable oil:


Any of these oils are abundant source of omega-6 acids. In spite of that, you need more of omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy skin. Omega-6 acids can be big trouble during your ‘high of estrogen’ times.

There are foods, which you can swear by for clear and clean skin. These include, Avocado, cinnamon, pomegranates,  turmeric and chia seeds.



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