Top 5 Must-Eat-At Places in Jaipur

Are you a foodie at heart?

Feed your soul at these cozy and unforgettable spots in the magical city of Jaipur!

When you think of Jaipur, everything from beautifully carved arches to sand grains glistening with sunlight hits your mind. It has been an eternal struggle to emphasize how J-town is much more than that – how the real beauty is in its culture and more importantly, its food!

The soul of any city breathes in its most famous, most celebrated food joints. With time, it becomes quintessential for the citizens to start promoting places that are new yet excellent, while keeping abiding relationships with the older, yet cherished ones.

So while one would confess blatantly how much they love the LMBs and the Rawats, this article is not about the traditional Jaipur food, though you will find many at the behest of a click. This particular piece is an ode to the new, fabulous and brilliant meccas of food of all kinds in Jaipur.

Anokhi café

I’ll tell you why this is at the top of the list – its food spectacles a rare combination of organic and heavenly. This is a comparatively small café adorned with natural lighting and simplistic interiors located at C-Scheme. Often flooded with tourists, this place has a sunlit charm of its own. The cheesecake is to die for, along with a range of salads, fresh juices and amazing coffee. Corn muffins are another favorite and the pasta is the closest to authentic Italian. The best part about the cafe is the disciplined ambiance. It’s a must visit if you like snuggling in a corner with your book in solitude under the cozy, sieved sunlight. The café closes at 7 in the evening.

Anokhi Cafe- best restaurant in Jaipur

Barbeque Nation

God bless the Sayajis! See, not being unfair to the Jaipur demographics, but majority of the communities here belong to the greener side of the hill. Barbeque nation is a haven for both. With a ravishing 3-course menu, what makes Bbq Nation stand out is the standard it maintains for all courses – delicious, delicious and even more delicious. Most of the buffets have something missing – either the desserts are not too impressive or the soup was too bland or the starters were actually just starters! Barbeque Nation seems to get everything right – a decent price, scrumptious food and amiable ambience. While the whole meal is typically enjoyable, the Starter part is a popular favourite.

barbeque- famous restaurant in jaipur


The art of organic food with divine cooking is best tasted at this French styled bistro in Civil Lines. The Barbecue burger is a new take with succulent chicken pieces in a tangy sauce along with a coleslaw side. The very fresh Grilled Bassa is another signature must try, so is the beautifully done caesar salad– one of the best in Jaipur! The finest part about this place is the abundant variety – from sushi to a doner, you’d get what your heart craves. An exquisite line of décor, accessories and organic products make it all the more interesting.

taruveda- top eating places in jaipur

Jammie’s Kitchen

Located at one end of the city, this is a very humble place belonging to an equally humble man. Their signature dhungar maas and malabari paratha is to die for! The menu boasts of an array of Indian and Continental recipes that are married with the Indian buds. It is recommended for the great fish, mutton and chicken recipes in the Indian curries. With a courteous staff and light ambience, they sure do have many compliments up their sleeves! Their very recent additions of Bread & Butter pudding with marmalade glaze, Green Tea – Mint Panna Cotta and Crème Brulee make them an ideal destination for the ones coping with sweet tooth.

jammies-places to eat around me

Tapri Central

From a humble, cuddly space, the MBA boys have flourished to a beautiful terrace chai-place with indoor sections. A different take at the Indian street food as well as some Italian palettes, the place is almost buzzing with energy all day long. Their Kashmiri kahwa and cutting chai is a popular favorite along with their take of cheese-shots, maska bun and bhelpuri. The very ethnic yet youthful ambience, the prodigious assortment of dishes, lush view overlooking the central park and delightful service makes it a must visit. The in-shop store stocks some amusing takeaways.

tapri jaipur

Aanchal Gupta for OhmyIndia!



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