5 Reasons to Visit the Andaman this Monsoon


The Andaman Islands are known for their white sand beaches, dotted with beautiful green date palms and mangroves. Embellished with amidst lush green tropical rain forests, this beautiful temperate island is located in the Bay of Bengal. The Coral reefs situated near the island support the local marine life such as sharks and rays, making it a popular diving and snorkeling site for tourists, particularly water adventurists.

Hosting a range of adventurous activities, these islands can change your gloomy mood.  If you’re looking for a perfect monsoon getaway in south India, now is the time to explore the best tourist attractions in the Andaman Island.

Explore the magical islands to witness the natural beauty.

  • A walk to remember at the best beach in Asia

The Radha Nagar beach in the Andaman is the must visit destination. The beach lies on the west coast of the Havelock Island. It has a clean and composed ambiance—a perfect getaway from the hum-drum of city life. Radha Nagar is a perfect beach for long beachside walks. This beach is also known for hosting the underwater activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.

  • Snorkel at Bharatpur Beach

This beach is famous for coral viewing.  The best part is that you need not be an expert swimmer for snorkeling. Rains make the whole atmosphere seem poetic and impart a romantic look to the beach.

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  • Hit the Andaman trunk road for the out of the world experience

An enchanting limestone structure, the Alfred Caves in Diglipur are accessible via the Andaman Trunk Road. Best suitable for active trekkers and geology students, this place is a perfect holiday destination for folks who indulge in adrenaline rush from taking an hour long trek to the caves.

  • Taste lip-smacking Dishes in beachside restaurants

When the rainy season sets in, the mouth-watering delicacies, the seafood, and snacks of the region look even more tempting. Look out for tropical salads made of fresh mangoes, bananas, pineapples, guava and more fruits.  The restaurants across the Andaman Islands dish out delicious Israeli, Indian and Continental meals.  Port Blair is a city where you can find the tastiest foods.

  • Get off Season Discounts at Bazaar

Local bazaars in the Andaman Island feature coral jewelry, handcrafted items and seasonal accessories.

Beautiful and tempting, the Andaman Island is the perfect monsoon getaway for vacationers, adventurists and couples. Don’t forget to add this peaceful paradise to your bucket list.



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