5 Top Cab Service Providers of India

cabs in india

Globalization has changed the face of India and the scenarios of business by many folds. If you remember the college days, when you waited for hours for a rickshaw. It was just a matter of less than 10 years. The rickshaw services have been replaced by Cab Rental service. No matter how far you need to travel from your home or office, these cab services are now just a phone call away.

Cab services backed with smart phones has not only made things easier for the average citizen, but also enabled them to book a cab on the go. Now, one cannot deny from the fact that cab services have become the important part of business India. The services are available for both personal and professional purpose facilitates effectiveness and assurance of good results.

Looking at the importance of Cab Rental Services in everyday life, we at OhMyIndia.com feel these are the top cab service providers in the country. P.S The listing has been done on the bases of service provider experience, which includes their services, facilities and geographical availability.

top cabs in india

Meru Cabs

Meru Cabs is among the earliest Cab Rental Service provider. First launched in April in 2007, since then has grown exponentially in terms of services and geographical area. The well equipped air-conditioned cabs are readily available 24/7. The fare chart varies according the city, ranges between Rs 27 for first 1 Kilometer and thereafter Rs.20 per Kilometer. The digital tamper proof meter on board and an e-bill, assures passengers against any fraud.

Meru Cabs is operating in as much as 24 cities across India. Apart from this it also provides intercity travel packages.


TaxiforSure started its operation in November 2013. First launched its services in all the major metros cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, but within a very short period of one year extended services in more than 30 cities of India. There is a small drawback of TaxiforSure that, it except booking from mobile apps only, while one cannot not book his/her ride on just a telephonic call. The rides used are fairly clean and well equipped air conditioned. The advantage of relying on TaxiforSure service is punctuality they follow.

Alike Meru cabs, fare char of TaxiforSure varies according to the city, ranging between Rs.49 for first 4 kilometer to Rs59 for first 2 kilometer. The ride is billed through e-billing system and it is tamper proof as well.


Uber entered Indian market in September 2013, after operating for a short while was banned by the apex court of India. As one of its driver was convict in raping a lady passenger, along with ill consumer policies. The service provider was given permission to operate in India, on company’s re-constitution of consumer service laws. The US based company initially operated in 11 cities, which included metros and commercial cities. In past few months has doubled it geographically, now it is operating in more than 22 cities. The cabs provided are connected with GPRS and GPS, equipped with air-conditioned cars.

There is no minimum fare chart available for the passenger on its website, although it varies as cities where service is to be availed.

Easy Cab

Easy cab is a pioneer in providing short and long term taxi services. It was first launched in year 2000. The short term or a day services are available in selected cities across India. One can avail its services through a phone booking or internet or a mobile app. Due to availability in selected cities one may have to plan his/her booking at least an hour before the travel time. The rides used are well maintained and are clean, passengers would be charged extra for using air-conditioned travel.

The booking has to be made for a fixed duration that is for 4 hours or 5 hours and so on. The fare chart starts from Rs.40 for first kilometer and thereafter will be charged with Rs.14 per extra kilometer.

OLA Cabs

Olacabs better known as OLA is an Indian based company founded on 3rd December 2010 in Mumbai. Presently is headquartered in Bangalore is among the fastest growing business of India. The service can be availed using a mobile app or phone booking or PC. Services provided by this company have failed to meet consumer satisfaction. The rides used are Air-Conditioned and well equipped with GPS and GPRS. OLA might charge up extra bucks on booking during peak hours. The fare chart alike all other service provider varies according to the city.

The mobile app is a bit faulty which does not give your exact location on map, eventually distract the driver from pickup point. The driver hired by service provider may also deny to serve you, while you are standing in middle of a market.



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