Weird World of Yoga: 5 Bizarre Yoga Types That are Absolutely Hilarious

Weird World of Yoga: 5 Bizarre Yoga Types That are Absolutely Hilarious
Weird World of Yoga: 5 Bizarre Yoga Types That are Absolutely Hilarious

If you thing Dhanurasana (the bow pose), Sirsasana (headstand) and Sirsa Padasana (head to foot pose) were the only weird things that you’ve tried in your life. Here are 5 bizarre yoga poses that will blow your mind away. Trust me, it’s hilarious and involves a lot of fun!

  1. Doga or Dog Yoga
Dog yoga: Doga!!!
Dog yoga: Doga!!!

Dog being a man’s best friend and all, it’s bad to leave him behind in unattended house during your morning sessions. This is why, some fitness freaks, which were apparently fond of canine friends, devised this ingenious yoga move—doga (or dog yoga) combines massage, stretching and meditation with dogs.

It’s because dogs are pack animals, therefore they’re perfect for yoga as they can strike spiritual connections with their partners. Experts believe that the mere presence of dogs play a significant role in improving heart health.

  1. Karaoke Yoga
Dance your way to Yoga: Karaoke Yoga
Dance your way to Yoga: Karaoke Yoga

Karaoke yoga is probably the best social activity that effectively combines singing, dancing, stretching and sweating – a complete activity in itself to ensure physical fitness. The workout sessions are totally opposite to conventional yoga. Throw in TV screens, DJs and loud music and you know how it is.

Yoga partners stretch and sing along with one another. In short, it’s a fulfilling group activity.

  1. Cannabis Yoga
Try yoga when you're High: Cannabis Yoga
Try yoga when you’re High: Cannabis Yoga

Who knew weed could be healthy? Apparently we didn’t, but the Americans did! Ever since cannabis was legalized in the United States, people started using it for recreational and medical purposes.

Particular yoga studios in the US organize special sessions for marijuana patients, wherein the incoming visitors come to the class high. The drug is said to open their minds and unwinds their thought process.

  1. Yoga Raves
Yoga: The club style!!!
Yoga: The club style!!!

Yoga raves is the new way of partying without alcohol. The idea was introduced in the elite club wherein the fitness freaks visited the health club. Classes start with the expert asking the attendees to stretch and move, gradually connecting with the music being played around.

Slowly, the sessions evolve into a full-blow party where people dance in a club-like atmosphere.

  1. Tantrum Yoga
Throw a tantrum because that's the new way to do yoga!!!
Throw a tantrum because that’s the new way to do yoga!!!

Tantrum yoga is a form that encourages practitioners to breathe, stretch, meditate and dance. By the end of the session, yoga practitioners are asked to relieve their stress by yelling, stomping, screaming and pounding chest. Experts say that it is good for their vocal health.

The idea is to throw out tantrums like a child. It is followed by students laughing out loud. They believe it gives them the strength to balance their life.

Besides these, there are plenty more bizarre yoga postures, such as equine yoga (involves horses), Paddleboard yoga (yoga on the paddleboard amidst water) and aerial yoga (yoga in the air). You just need to identify your inner strength and choose the funniest, craziest yoga that you can indulge in!



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