52nd International Literacy Day; India emphasizes the importance of education

International Literacy Day

To eradicate illiteracy, people are required to be literate. Hence, it is important that this matter should be raised and become must get aware of the importance of literacy and education. Considering this factor, it was decided that September 8 will be celebrated as International Literacy Day. It is celebrated all over the world. Know more.

It is the 52nd International Literacy Day and theme of this year is Literacy and skill development. In 1966, UNESCO had declared this and it was first observed in 1967. The celebration of this day begins with the idea of day to promote literacy or formal education not just in children but in adults too.

In UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Literacy is also one of the key components. UNESCO has made a mission to eradicate poverty through education by 2030.

India also emphasizes on promoting education and changing the scenario of the society as well nation. Since decades, the philosophers and revolutionaries have made efforts so that people can become educated and get rid of their misery. On this International Literacy Day, the nation promotes literacy and education.



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