6 Awesome Destinations for Budgeted Travel in India


Do you love to travel? Or, are you planning for a budgeted trip with your mates or family? If your answer could simply be yes, then India has number of such places which can make your long weekend worth it. And guess what, this trip would be as inexpensive as Rs.5000 (Couple) for a round trip.

However these destinations can also be included in long vacations as well, planned for the end year tour. All these places have a cozy and yet easy to adjust climate, making them a favorable visit round the year.

Let us list up few places which can be worth your short holiday, without bleeding much on your pocket.


OMI_Rishikesh-best budget destinations in india
The place is famous for white water rafting as such and home to Holy River Ganga. The destination is just 225 Kms from Delhi, a perfect location for adventure seekers. There are lots of travelling options available in road transport, starts from Rs.200 to Rs.1400 for one way. The number of ashrams and budgeted hotels in Rishikesh will bend down your accommodation expense to Rs.150 per.



low budget travel destinations in india

Do you wish to spend your long weekend in a scenic view, then Kasauli is the place you have been looking for to spend leisure time. The cheapest way to reach the place is to board trains from Delhi to Kalka; from where you can opt for s shared cab to Kasauli, travelling expense will be as low as Rs 1500 for round trip. Hotels in Kasauli will charge you nothing more than Rs.1000 per night.



OMI_Hampi-best destination in India

It is a rapid emerging destination of South India. The city of ruins is India’s own Petra, lying on both sides of Tunghabhadra River. Hampi can be on your travel list if you’re anywhere near to Bengaluru. An ideal location for backpacker travelers, which can leave you mesmerized. The place is located 343 Kms from Bengaluru.



Low budget places to visit in India

A major destination for people of South India, is located just 85 Km from Trivandrum. Travelling by bus will cost you Rs.250 for one way, while the basic hotels will charge you nothing more Rs.800 for a day. The place from where you can enjoy magnificent view of rising sun, while waiting by the Vivekananda Rock Memorial.


Mount Abu

OMI_Mount Abu

This hill station of southern Rajasthan is located 469 Kms (6.30 hrs) from the state capital Jaipur. The cheapest way to travel is to board a direct train from Jaipur to Abu Road, where you can take a shared cab to this highest peak of South Rajasthan. The hotels with basic facilities would cost you around Rs.1000 per night, while one side travel will be Rs. 350.




A scenic hill station of Maharashtra, located 90 Kms from Mumbai is yet again a backpack traveler destination. This place consists of 28 points for adventure lover each having a different view. Travelling by train will be very economical for your pocket. One can board train from Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus to Kalyan Station and from thereon board another train for the destination.



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