7 most renowned works of M.F. Husain

7 most renowned works of M.F. Husain

Maqbool Fida Husain also known as The Picasso of India was born in 1915 in the Indian state of Maharashtra. He was a brilliant painter history has given and painted almost 25000 miraculous art works. He has received high acclamations for his paintings since the 1940s. Most of his artworks brought modernity at its best. A painter with a sharp vision and immaculate power painted some intense subjects. He was a gem of an artist who still lives in many art-lovers’ hearts. On his 100th birth anniversary, he makes the world reminisce his renowned paintings that were sold at whopping prices. No doubt, he is rightly called as The Picasso of India. In 2011, M.F. Husain passed away at the age of 95, but yes with some mind blowing pieces.

Here is a list of his most renowned paintings that sways both the mind and heart

1. The Puppet Dancers

famous paintings of hussain

M.F. Husain’s love for toys was massive and so he named one of his paintings, The Puppet Dancers which relived his thoughtful act with the beauty that sparkles in the painting rises to seventh cloud. Before his paintings got much heed, he use to work in a furniture company where he used to design toys. The work he did was for a short span but it cornered in his head. So, his paintings outshine a woman, horse like figure, a dancer and one warrior. The painting was displayed in the Sotheby’s auction and he earned a huge prize of INR1.5crore.

2. Battle of Ganga and Jamuna

top paintings of hussain

The painting depicts a battle between right and wrong and adds to be the most prolific work of his time. It was completed in the year 1971 on a canvas of size 75×105 inches. The subject he chose was on Hindu mythologies which generate connection between Ganga and Jamuna. The paintings allured masses with the innovation put into it. The usage of dark and bright colors intensified the battle between right and wrong in the painting. In 2008, this painting appeared at Christie’s auction and was sold for over INR9crore.

3. Horses

Horses painting

The connection of M.F. Husain with horses was proactively seen in some or the other paintings of this prolific painter. This painting by the maestro depicts three horses churning out the best moments of their life in the fields. M.F. Husain always remained amazed with the power and energy of these animals and tried to depict the same in his paintings. In 2008, this painting was placed on auction at Christie’s and has fetched over INR1crore.

4. The Horse that Looked back

mf-The Horse that Looked back

The melody M.F. Husain shared with toys, likewise he had a bond with wild animals and so his painting speaks horse stroke. The reason could be his love for spiritual stories while he was growing young as the Indian mythological stories signifies horse to have the most dynamic and powerful energy. Many of his paintings depict his eternal love for horses. ‘The Horse that looked back’ was sold at INR1.3crores in the auction held at Sotheby’s.

5. Mother Teresa


M.F. Husain is one artist who brought together a series of his vivid artwork. Likewise, Husain had created a number of paintings bringing in the theme of Mother Teresa. MF Husain was quite attracted to the aura of Mother Teresa and so he tried to portray the same through his paintings. The first one of his paintings from this series came down in 1980s and the rest followed. The painting shown was completed in 1997 and was showcased at Christie’s auction for more than INR 1 crore.

6. Tribute to Hashmi


Husain during his lifetime, worked on diverse issues, from his love interests to Hindu mythologies to traditional aspects, he brought up the social issues as well in his paintings. The “Tribute to Hashmi” is one such painting that depicts the current happenings in the society. The painting speaks the truth about the death of a fatal attack on the theatre artist named Safdar Hashmi. In 2008, this painting was sold for INR 4.4crore, at an auction held at Kolkata.

7. The Sixth Seal


Another masterful painting that was sold during his death year (i.e. in 2011) called “The Sixth Seal”. It was auctioned at a whopping price of INR 3.3crores in the auction held at Sotheby’s London. He brought the true vision in his paintings  rather making it intricate. “The Sixth Seal” is a piece of contemporary artwork which shows man, woman, animals and birds. The representation depicts some murals in Ajanta which is again an incredible depiction.



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