7 Things You Need To Know About Introverts

Things You Need To Know About Introverts

Being an introvert is not easy in this fast pacing socially super active world. They are often perceived as rude, ignorant, uptight and socially awkward; which is not always true. If being an introvert wasn’t difficult enough, dealing with extroverts at workplace or at home doubles up the pressure.

Introverts are everywhere. Statistically, one out of every three  people you know are introverts. These people are like a secret coding book. You might have one but you need to understand it fully to decipher it. They are the most real people you will ever come across.

Even though introversion seems to increase with intelligence with more than 75% of people having IQ above 160 are introverted, yet they face a lot of difficulties. Here is a list of things you need to know about introverts:

1. Their Ideas Often Stays In Their Minds Only-
Their Ideas Often Stays In Their Minds Only
Be it a brainstorming session, a presentation or a meeting, it takes them a lot of time and effort to speak their minds as opposed to the extroverts who surrounds them. They need time to prepare themselves and often end up not sharing their ideas despite having a good list.

2. Pointless Conversations Makes No Sense-
Pointless Conversations Makes No Sense
They would rather indulge in a deep conversation with one person than engaging in meaningless gossips and small talks with a bunch of people. They are passionate to talk about their interests and chances are they will be well updated with all the facts regarding it.

3. They Are Better Listeners-
They Are Better Listeners
While they aren’t good at talking to everyone, they prove to be good listeners. They understand that not people don’t need advice all the time; sometimes they just want to be heard until they figure out a solution themselves. While others may interrupt and talk about their own problems, introverts are someone you can trust to keep quiet and just listen.

4. They Don’t Crave Attention Or The Limelight-
Don't Crave Attention
Introverts are the most hard-working people. Bragging about their work or seeking attention aren’t their thing. They work quietly, often with their headphones on, and deliver the best work on their own. It’s no wonder introverts are often overlooked for leadership roles, even though they make the most thoughtful leaders when selected.

5. Introverts Aren’t Anti-Social-
It’s a myth that introverts are shy and suck at socializing. They can be comfortable around people but on their own terms. They prefer small groups instead of big crowds. They do enjoy parties with people they are comfortable with. Being an introvert does not make them anti-social.

6. They Don’t Act Impulsively-

Introverts think before they speak. They would quietly listen and reflect in their head instead of thinking out loud. This gives them time to study and analyze situations so that the actions taken make the most sense in the long run unlike extroverts who tend to be more spontaneous and respond immediately.

7. They Love Days Where They Don’t Have To Do Anything-

Weekend party
Weekends are the best time for them. Spending all day at home, watching their favourite TV show seems much better than going out and making small talk with random people. Comfort is a big deal for them.



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